Forget Lebron James, What will Brett Farve do?

Kenny Servera/ Sports Writer intern at

Forget Lebron James, What will Brett Farve do?

It has become the forgotten story of the summer. With the Lebron James free agency saga continuing, the real story lies in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In that town, a forty year old future hall of famer quarterback by the name of Brett Farve is throwing footballs at wide receivers at Oak Grove High School. Now why would a future hall of famer who had an enormous year with the Minnesota Vikings throwing at up and coming football players? My guess is he’s coming back. Again.

For the past few years, Brett Farve had held America hostage with his decision to retire and un-retire. It all started with the last pass he threw as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Then the tearful press conference of his retirement. Five months later, the icon in Green Bay was traded to the New York Jets. The experiment work well for the first eight games of that season. People were talking about Super Bowl with Farve. The Jets went south, losing their six of their last eight games of the year and missing the playoffs. Many people put the blame on Farve as he had gotten beaten physically and mentally. After the season, quietly Brett Farve retired again this time by phone.

Ladies and gentleman, the story does not end here. In May of 2009, he had surgery on his biceps. Eventually he signs with the Minnesota Vikings. At first, I thought he has nothing left to prove. Boy I was wrong. He went on to have one of the best seasons ever and nearly led his team to the Super Bowl.

Sadly, the Farve watch has taken a backseat to the Lebron James watch. When Lebron signs with New York, New Jersey, Cleveland or Miami or the Harlem Globetrotters, let the real story begin as the world watches on Brett Farve as he decides to come back or not.


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