The Boston Red Sox: The Walking Wounded

Kenny Servera/sports writer intern at

The Boston Red Sox: The Walking Wounded

The Boston Red Sox are in a bit of a pickle.

You see, it all began it all began with one injury. Then another and another. One by one major Red Sox players were put on the disable list with some sort of injury. It is a nightmare for the Boston Red Sox. The players that are on the disable list are: Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, Manny Del Carmen, Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Lowell, Jed Lowrie, Victor Martinez, Dustin Pedroia, Junichi Tazawa and Jason Varitek. Kevin Youkilis avoid being on the list when he left Tuesday’s game with a right ankle pain. He is listed as day-to-day.

Their entire disable list should have a major league team of their own. We are not talking about minor injuries. We are talking about all-stars, a former MVP and the captain of the team not playing as we loom closer to the dog days of summer.

The joke of all this is the Red Sox are only 3 ½ games out of the 1st place New York Yankees, who are beating every team that they face. According to a article, Tampa Bay Rays skipper Joe Madden shared his opinion on the Red Sox woes before Tuesday’s game: “I got their lineup [for the opener Monday night] and I didn’t see anything wrong with it, I looked at the names and I said: ‘OK, they’re hurt. Where are they hurt? It still looked pretty good to me, up and down”.

So How exactly are they doing so well with half the team on the DL? The answer is their starting pitching. John Lester and Clay Buchholz combine for 20 wins and 7 losses with a 2.62 ERA. With Buchholz gone until after the All-Star Break, Lester and the rest of the pitching staff must step up. Rookies like Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald must step up along with the veterans like David Ortiz and Adrian Beltre.

Indeed the Red Sox are the walking wounded. With all of these injuries, it would be a miracle for them to make the playoffs this year. They may be the odd team out in the dangerous American League East.


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