MLB: 30 thoughts for 30 teams

Baseball season is in full swing and the road to the World Series begins. Two weeks into the season and they have been a lot of surprises and disappointments. Here are 30 thoughts for 30 teams (in no particular order):

New York Yankees: Despite half of their lineup decimated by injury, the Yankees “B” lineup has been producing quite nicely. Kevin Youkilis has been tearing the cover off the ball batting .367 with two home runs and six RBI’s. Despite the lack of quality starts by starting pitchers and the bullpen giving up leads late in games, this lineup must carry the load until Jeter, Granderson and Teixeira comes back. 

New York Mets: The future is now for the New York Mets as Matt Harvey has been nothing but stellar this season. He is 2-0 with a 0.64 ERA while striking out 19. He is getting batters out with his blazing fastball and nasty slider. However, Mets fans should hold their breath because usually with so many strikeouts, he can blow his shoulder out. 

Baltimore Orioles: If the season were to end today, my MVP vote would go to Chris Davis. He is in the zone batting .400 with 6 home runs and 19 RBI’s. With him, Adam Jones and Manny Machado in the lineup everyday, look for the Orioles to make alot of noise in the American League East. 

Los Angeles Dodgers: Despite possibly losing their best pitcher Zack Greinke for some time, the Dodgers are poised to make a run at the National League West. With the lineup consisting of Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp and Andre Either it is hard not to see why the Dodgers will not be playing in October. By the way, the brawl between the Dodgers and Padres last night was caused by Greinke. This brawl could hurt the Dodgers in the short run or the long run. 

Toronto Blue Jays: Despite stealing the entire Miami Marlins roster this offseason, the Blue Jays are at 3-6. R.A Dickey is not the R.A Dickey from last year as his first two starts of the year has been horrific. He is 0-2 with a 8.44 ERA. If the Blue Jays want to win the division this year then they must get it together. 

Pittsburgh Pirates: Pirates fans have seen this before. Actually they have seen and heard the same old story for 20 seasons in a row. It is still early in the season and their superstar Andrew McCutchen is doing everything he can to stop the losing seasons streak. 

Chicago Cubs: The biggest story this season so far is not on the field. It’s the package that arrived in Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts office earlier this week. What is it with Cubs fans and billy goats? Oh wait….

Chicago White Sox: Meanwhile on the south side, the White Sox have not been getting any goat heads delivered to them. Instead they got the news that their second baseman Gordon Beckham will be out six weeks with a broken bone in his wrist. Still they will compete with the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians for the American League Central.

St Louis Cardinals: The Cardinals know all too well about Tommy John surgery. Adam Wainwright has gone through it and now their up and coming closer Jason Motte could be headed for Tommy John. This could be a devastating blow to the Cardinals but they did made it to the NLCS last year without Wainwright. 

Boston Red Sox: The Red Sox are off to a surprise start this season. The player that no one is talking about is Jackie Bradley Jr. His stats does not reflect it but he is doing all the little things that managers love. He is taking walks and seeing a lot of pitches. He is also a really good outfielder. Despite his recent struggles, it seems the Red Sox are in a dilemma with him

Tampa Bay Rays: Alex Cobb has been the real deal this season. He is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has struck out six. The Rays will have to rely on him and Cy Young award winner David Price if they want to make it to the playoffs. 

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: It is early in the season but this team is a enigma. On paper they have the best lineup in baseball but on the field, they do not play like it. Despite adding star outfielder Josh Hamilton to a huge contract, the Angels are 2-7. Still it is early in the season. 

Oakland A’s: The Angels could learn something from A’s. Despite starting the season 0-2, the A’s are 8-2. With their stellar pitching and timely hitting, it is safe say the A’s are not letting go of the AL West crown just yet. That is the power of Moneyball. 

Atlanta Braves: Remember in the 1990’s when the Braves won games with pitching? It seems now they are winning games with their offense. Their prized acquisition Justin Upton is off to a good start with 6 home runs. With him and his brother BJ Upton, it will be a interesting two team race in the NL East.

Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper is not showing any signs of a sophomore slump. The 2012 Rookie of the Year is off to a great start this season. He even has popular Chicago White Sox star Paul Konerko saying “He can do it all” . It will be interesting to see them and the Atlanta Braves fighting for the National League East. 

Miami Marlins: Someone needs to get rid of the owner Jeffrey Loria and quickly. It is criminal on what they did to this team and it’s fans. Criminal. 

Minnesota Twins: At least they still have Joe Mauer right? 

Detroit Tigers: The Tigers are at 5-4 this season but records don’t mean anything this early this season. With a early season west coast trip coming, can the Tigers break out in the AL Central? 

Cleveland Indians: Can Terry Francona lead this team to the playoffs?

Kansas City Royals: The future is bright for this team. Could they be the American League version of the Nationals?

Philadelphia Phillies: What is wrong with the good doctor Roy Halladay? Hate to see him breaking down like this. 

Cincinnati Reds: This team has the potential to win the World Series this year. 

Houston Astros: Who would have thought that they would be ahead of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the AL West? 

Colorado Rockies: This team is really better with Troy Tulowitzski in the lineup. He makes everyone better. 

San Francisco Giants: Could they repeat as champs? 

Texas Rangers: Two weeks into the season and the biggest story is Will Nolan Ryan stay or go? it was finally answered yesterday. 

San Diego Padres: Will last night’s brawl be a turning point for them? 

Seattle Mariners: They gave up 24 runs on 38 hits in two games to the Houston Astros. Is it time to panic already?

Arizona Diamondbacks: Great start but can they keep this up? 

Milwaukee Brewers: This team have not been the same since Prince Fielder left town. Pitching is not a strong suit for them 





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