MLB: Top 9 Teams in Baseball

As the weather gets warmer, the baseball season is in full swing. So far, baseball fans have seen incredible plays and comebacks from their favorite teams. Some fans gave up on their teams and is saying “Wait till next year” (Marlins, Astros fans). While other fans are excited that their team is exceeding their expectations. Here are the Top nine teams in baseball so far:

9. Cleveland Indians– Under Terry Francona, the Indians are off to a great start. This team does not have a legitimate superstar but they are getting contributions from everybody. Off season acquisition Nick Swisher is proving to Indians fans that deserves the contract the Indians gave him. Look for the Indians to catch up with the Tigers in the American League Central. 

8. Baltimore Orioles– The Fighting Showalters are riding high in the American League East. They are just 2.5 games back of the first place Boston Red Sox and is led by third baseman Manny Machado. Machado is putting up impressive numbers and leads baseball in doubles with 24. He is also tied in with Miguel Cabrera in hits with 77. With him and Chris Davis (who is having a breakout year also), look for the Orioles to battle it out with the Rays, Yankees and Red Sox in the always tight American League East. 

7. New York Yankees– Derek Jeter, Mark Texeira, Alex Rodriguez. Remember those guys? Yeah they have not played at all this year. That has not stopped the Yankees from being the Yankees this season. Currently, they are in second place in the AL East just one game behind the Boston Red Sox. Both Lyle Overbay and Vernon Wells, who were considered to be washed up and castoffs found new life in New York. Along with Robinson Cano, look for the Yankees to be at full strength come playoff time. 

6. Boston Red Sox– The Red Sox have bounced back nicely after their horrific 2012 campaign. With the signings of various free agents such as Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli, they are on top of the AL East. Looks like the Red Sox are here to stay. 

5. Oakland A’s– Those pesky A’s. They are back at it this season as the look to keep building on the success that they had last season. Currently they are 2.5 games back of the Texas Rangers. The bright spot in their lineup has been third baseman Josh Donaldson. He is having a breakout season batting .332 (7th best in the American League.) Look for the A’s to wrestle with the Rangers for the AL West crown. 

4. Pittsburgh Pirates– Yes the Pittsburgh Pirates. The same Pirates who has a 20 year losing record streak. This is not a joke. They are 13 games over .500 and is 2.5 games back of the NL Central leading St Louis Cardinals. If they keep this up, Pirates fans will celebrate all the way to the playoffs. 

3. St Louis Cardinals– Perhaps the most underrated team in all of baseball. The joke of it is that they have the best record in the league. Outfielder Carlos Beltran is flying under the radar and is putting together a very nice season so far. Look for the Cardinals to continue their run. 

2.Texas Rangers– Life without Josh Hamilton has been delightful. The Texas Rangers have a slight lead in the American League West. Nelson Cruz have been helping out his team as he lead the team in Home Runs. Look for the Rangers to keep it going. 

1. Atlanta Braves– The Braves are doing something special this season. With the addition of both B.J and Justin Upton, the Braves are sitting on top of the NL East. They are even leading the Washington Nationals by 4.5 games. It will be a very interesting race in the NL East. 



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