New York Knicks: Title or Bust?

Ah the New York Knicks. Will this be the year? The year that they will dethrone the Miami Heat?

Many NBA experts believe that they will be at best the fifth best team in the Eastern Conference. Last season they somewhat shocked the NBA world by winning the Atlantic Division and securing the two seed in the Eastern Conference. They beat the Celtics in six games for their first playoff win in 10 plus seasons. Sadly they was beaten and bullied by the young and up and coming Indiana Pacers squad in six games.

That was last year. The Knicks have reloaded this past offseason. They have acquired former first overall pick Andrea Bargnani in a trade with the Toronto Raptors. With this trade, the Knicks bring size and depth to their bench. However, will he shine in the bright lights of Madison Square Garden? The Knicks also sign former Laker Ron Artest (aka Metta World Peace). He has been known as a diva but will he help the Knicks with their defense? Knicks also drafted Tim Hardaway Jr, the son of former Miami Heat great Tim Hardaway. How would he fair? Finally they have resigned JR Smith. Will he stop partying and drinking during the season and focus on his game?

Perhaps the biggest question of all is this: What will Carmelo Anthony do after the season? Will he stay in New York or possibly bolt to Los Angeles or another team? This situation cannot distract the Knicks from their ultimate goal of winning the NBA Finals.

After two games, the Knicks are a still a work in progress. With a win against the Milwaukee Bucks (in which they lost a huge lead) and a heartbreaking lost against the Chicago Bulls (thank you Derek Rose), I was impressed by the way their defense and offense is playing. For now the Knicks are still trying to figure out the puzzle.

Knicks fans have been waiting since 1973 for a title. Will they party like it’s 1973 if they win this year? With the team they have, they have the potential. Let’s hope James Dolan is right.


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