Robinson Cano: The $310 million dollar mistake?

Robinson Cano wants $310 million for 10 years. Let that sink in for a moment in your mind.

Yes you read that right. If he gets his way (with Jay-Z help), he will be the richest player in MLB history. Even richer than Alex Rodriguez. Cano has been the best hitter on the Yankees and possibly in baseball. However if some team decided to give him what he wants, they will be making a catastrophe mistake.

Cano turned 31 last week. The cardinal rule of baseball negotiations is you do not give a player who turned 30 or later a long term contract. History shows and proves that players performances start to decline and injuries starts to pile on after 30. In the winter of 2011, the Los Angeles Angels signed three time National League MVP Albert Pujols to a 10 year $240 million dollar deal. Everybody in Angel nation was ecstatic about the contract.

In his first year, he performed well. He hit 30 Home Runs and drove in 105 RBI’s. He played in 154 games. In 2013, he batted 258 with 17 Home Runs and 64 RBI’s. He was limited to only 64 games due to a foot injury. Not even the Angels do not know what to expect from Pujols next season but they are banking on him. If this keep this up, then the Angels will have deadweight in their payroll. Now granted Cano has been durable with the Yankees but you can never know. Wear and tear is inevitable.

Let’s face it, the Yankees will not sign him to that amount of money. No team will. Perhaps the only team that may give him that amount is the Dodgers. But they have a second baseman already. It will be very interesting to see how would this turn out. Owners and general managers should be cautious about signing players to long term deals after 30.


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