Yankees Offseason: What should they do?

The offseason is finally here. After a disappointing 2013 campaign, the Yankees look to reload in the offseason. With a reported $300 million dollar budget, Here are some of the moves that the Yankees could make:

1. Sign Brian McCann- The Yankees need a catcher plain and simple. Yankees catchers batted only .213 this season which is 26th in baseball. Combined they only hit 8 Home Runs and 43 RBI’s. McCann had 20 Home Runs and hit .256. The lack of production from the catchers position is what killed the Yankees offense last season. Expect the Yankees to compete for his services. If McCann’s price demand is a little too steep for the Yankees, another option would be free agent Jarrod Saltalamacchia who had a pretty good year with the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox.

2. Re-sign Robinson Cano- Cano wants 10 years and $300 million dollar contract from the Yankees. I do not know if that is Jay-Z is talking or himself but the Yankees will not give him that contract. Cano might have to sign for less with the Yankees. If Cano walks, another option for the Yankees would be Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips. Reds have made it known that they are trying to trade him. In the event that if Cano walks, Phillips will be a excellent replacement for Cano.

3. Sign Grant Balfour- He is no Mariano Rivera but he gets the job done. After collecting 62 saves over the 2012-2013 season, the Australian born right-handed will be a great fit for the Yankees.

4. Sign Carlos Beltran- Beltran could be other highly sought after free agent (next to Robinson Cano). With Curtis Granderson a free agent, Beltran could be a solid replacement. It’s been already reported that Beltran and the Yankees have mutual interest in each other. He also have experience in New York playing for the Mets. In an offense that was lacking, the Yankees really needed his bat. If Beltran signs with another team, Jacoby Ellsbury would be a name the Yankees could look at.

5. Trade for Texas Rangers phenom Jurickson Profar- This might be a head scratcher for some baseball fans who read this but hear me out. Derek Jeter is about to hit 40 years of age. He had a injury riddled season. No one knows what to expect of him this season. Profar is only 20 years old and the future is bright for him. The Rangers also locked up both Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus to long term deals, leaving Profar the odd man out. It would be a low-risk reward move for the Yankees. Also they would have Jeter’s successor waiting in the wings.


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