Mets Offseason: What should they do?

Mets fans had to suffer through another disappointing season. Most of them are trying to be patient as the Mets organization are clearly in rebuilding mode. General Manager Sandy Alderson already has his players of the future in Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, Jon Niese and Travis d’Arnaud. Here are some moves that the Mets might think about during the offseason:

5. Try to trade for Texas Rangers Jurickson Profar– The Mets need a shortstop and someone who can be a table setter at the top of the lineup. The Rangers already signed Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus to long term deals. There has been talk that the Rangers are open to trading one of them.  The Mets have not had a legitimate shortstop ever since Jose Reyes left. Profar, who is only 20 years old would make a great long term solution for the Mets and possibly be the next Jose Reyes. If that doesn’t work out, free agents Jhonny Peralta and Stephen Drew are potential options.

4. Sign Shin Soo Choo– This might be more of a cheaper but more valuable signing than the other free agents on the market. Signing Choo would provide David Wright much needed protection within the lineup. He is also more flexible in the lineup as he can bat even leadoff. Choo was one of the best at getting on base in 2013 with 112 walks and a .423 OBP which were both second in the National League to former teammate Joey Votto. Another option would be Nelson Cruz but it would be out of the Mets price range.

3. Sign a veteran pitcher- With Matt Harvey done for the season following Tommy John surgery and a young pitching staff, the Mets should sign at least one veteran pitcher to help stabilize the rotation. One name that is being brought up Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo who is considering the Mets. He has always been known as a innings-eater and has been healthy for most of his career which has been lacking for the Mets. Arroyo would also help tutor the young pitching arms in the rotation. Dan Haren would be another pitcher that should be on the Mets free agent radar.

2. Sign Mike Napoli- Perhaps a unlikely move but it’s not really out of the question. Would be a cheap and no risk signing for them. Napoli would make a great fit for the Mets especially if they make the playoffs.

1. Trade for Edwin Encarnacion– This could happen. The Mets are in desperate need of a slugger and Encarnacion could fill that need. The Blue Jays are willing to deal him but at the right price. It’s likely that the Mets have some top prospects that the Blue Jays would want but it is unknown if the Mets will pull the trigger on the deal.



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