Four ways to smuggle beer into a sporting event


Beer and sporting events, it is a winning combination. What better place to be with your friends and family than at a sporting event. Growing up in New York, I have been to a Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Jets, Nets and Red Bulls game. While all the games I have gone to, there was this one annoyance. Paying for beer is expensive. Why would you pay $9 dollars for a beer that you can get outside the area/stadium for less? Even the Jaguars gave out beer for free.  So instead of paying for it, here are four ways to sneak in beer into a sporting event:

4. Hoodies– On a cold winter night or day, hoodies are used to keep up warm in the fall/winter. At sporting events they can hide beer cans/bottles if it is done correctly. Avoid storing the beer in the obvious areas such as the front pockets and the hoodies itself. It would be a very predictable place for security personnel to look. One more important tip: Make sure your beer is sealed up tight. You do not want to smell like beer throughout the entire event.

3. Use Flasks-  Flasks is a commonly used item towards sneaky drinking. They are also very slim and light. You can put it inside of your back pocket or inside of your girlfriends purse. Just make sure that you don’t show the flask too much as security will be watching.

2. Use Pringles cans– This is a little bit unorthodox but hear me out. The shape of a Pringles container is perfect for storing beer cans. All you got to do is put in two beer cans inside the empty container and cover the top with some chips. When security checks it, most of them will not check the inside of it.

1. Use water bottles– This is the most commonly used method. Sadly most venues have already banned water bottles because so many people was filling up their water bottles with beer. In order for it to work, research the venue that you are going to and see if they allow water bottles.

Please remember to drink responsibly.


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