My Tour at Citi Field


A few weeks ago, I went on a Citi Field tour with two Mets fanatics and beautiful people (Jocelyn and Alexis). It was my first stadium tour outside of Yankee Stadium. While I have been to Citi Field a lot this year (games, events, interviews etc), I always wonder what happens behind the scenes. Here is some of the highlights:


The tour started at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. It is a beautiful looking rotunda as they honor the legacy of number 42 with pictures and quotes around the rotunda. As we made our way towards the field level, I noticed that the stadium looked completely different when there was not a game going on. The only thing you can hear is the howling of the wind.


We took an elevator for the next part of the tour which was the Excelsior Level. As soon as I got off the elevator, I gawked and awed at the scoreboard control room. It was a very high tech and sophisticated room. I was looking for the button that they pushed whenever a Mets player hits one out but didn’t find it. We weren’t able to get inside of the room but it was nice to see how the scoreboard was operated.

The next stop was the Caesar’s Club. The club is very beautiful and made me want to have like a event there. As we walked through, the skyline of Manhattan was in full view. It was a beautiful even though it was raining and foggy. Also saw the location of the Shea plaques in the parking lot which was pretty awesome.

The next stop was the press box which was very exciting. As a sports blogger, this is the second most anticipated stop on the tour (other than the dugout). The view was spectacular and it was good to see where all of the reporters sit when a game is played. I could only imagine how it was during a game.

After seeing a couple of suites, we made our way towards the dugout. This was the most
highly anticipated part of the tour. When me, Jocelyn and Alexis went into the dugout for the first time, we was in awe. Since they are Mets fans, I figured they was more in disbelief than in awe. Every baseball fan dreamed of sitting inside of a dugout. We saw the bullpen phone and actually heard it ring in the bullpen. Sadly, we were not allowed on the field because it was too wet.


The final stop was the Mets clubhouse. We was not allowed to take photos inside due to privacy concerns. We walked past the massage room, the x-ray room, the examination room, another room or two, and then got to peek into the training room and the NY branded weights. On our right was an enormous shelving unit with mail cubbyholes for the players and managers. We walked passed Terry Collins office which was pretty cool. Finally we went into the Mets lounge area where the players kicked back and relaxed before a game. They had a fully staffed kitchen, a pool table, a HD TV equipped with a Playstation 3. Also they had every energy bar known to man.

The final stop was the clubhouse. The clubhouse was huge and very beautiful. Actually it was bigger than the Yankees clubhouse at the old stadium. To my right, we saw David Wright’s locker which was two lockers (the perk of being the star player for a major league team). I notice he had a Virginia Tech football helmet which probably his favorite college football team.

Overall it was a incredible experience. As a baseball fanatic, it was so surreal to see the Mets clubhouse and sit inside the dugout. I was also glad to see that my two friends enjoyed the trip also. Since they are both Mets fans I’m glad to share this experience with them.


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