Robinson Cano to the New York Mets?


To all the New York Mets fans who are dreaming of Robinson Cano playing second base at Citi Field, your dreams might come true.

The New York Post is reporting that Jay-Z and several members of the Mets organization met for dinner last night at the NoMad Hotel at Broadway and 28th Street. Apparently, it was not the Mets that requested the meeting but it was Jay-Z who requested it. The goal of the meeting was to nudge the New York Yankees to be more aggressive towards signing Cano. The Mets already have one $100 million dollar player on the payroll in David Wright, who signed a 8 year $138 million dollar extension. The team’s payroll for this season is expected to be $85-90 million dollar range. General Manager Sandy Alderson has already stated that he is not willing to put in a second $100 million dollar man on the payroll due to financial restraints. The Mets have been involved in the Bernie Madoff scandal just a few years ago, which limits the amount of money they can spend in the offseason.

Cano, who still hasn’t budge on his $310 million dollar contract demand hit .314 with 27 Home Runs and 107 RBI’s and finished 5th in the American League MVP balloting.


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