Top Five Best Stadiums in Baseball


Baseball stadiums is the most recognizable architectural structures in the world. More than 70 million people have visited and attended baseball games. The best baseball stadiums bring their A-game all season with regional food, great sightlines, and plenty of traditions. Here are the top five stadiums in baseball right now:

5. Target Field, Minnesota Twins- Opening in 2010, Target Field is quickly becoming a baseball stadium fanatic favorite. The 39,021-seat open-air ballpark is located in the Warehouse District west of Downtown Minneapolis. With a breathtaking view of downtown Minnesota behind the right field wall, it is one of the reasons why people attend Twins games.

4. Citi Field, New York Mets- Opening in 2009, Citi Field has a quirky yet beautiful design. When you go inside to watch a game, it is sight for sore eyes as you feel close to the field. Unlike its predecessor, there is no distracting airplane noise during a game. It must be on the list on baseball ballparks fanatic list.

3. Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees- Opening alongside Citi Field, Yankee Stadium is clearly the jewel of the Bronx. It’s sort of like a Bellagio with a baseball diamond in the middle of it. While it is beautiful, it lacks the historical vibe of old Yankee Stadium. With its rich history and tradition, the Yankees hope the new stadium can add more memories to die hard Yankee fans.

2. Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs- Wrigley Field has been standing since 1914. There is so much history in that stadium except a World Series championship. From the moment you walk onto the field, you will see the iconic green ivy covering the outfield walls. It seems so out of place yet it beautifies the ballpark so well. But one cannot help wonder: Is Wrigley Field responsible for the Cubs 100 plus year championship drought?

1. Fenway Park- Boston Red Sox- The oldest stadium in baseball. Been around since 1912 and boy does it have a lot of history. If walls could talk, Fenway would have a lot to talk about. From Pesky’s Pole in right field to the Green Monster in left field, Fenway is certainly the “Cathedral”of baseball. Recently, the Red Sox clinched their World Series title at home in 96 years. Hopefully Red Sox fans can see a few more in the future.


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