New York Sports Teams: A Year to Forget

All of these teams are struggling. New Yorkers will not tolerate this

There are more than ten sports teams located in the New York area. New Yorkers love their sports. Growing up here, I have the privilege of watching the teams through the good times and the bad times. New York have the best fans in the world, but they have nothing to cheer about this year. 2013 has been indeed a unlucky year.

Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce. Still finding answers.

Let’s start with basketball. The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets reloaded this offseason bringing in star players such as Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Andrea Bargnani and Metta World Peace. So far both teams are a combined 6-19, yet they still have a shot at the weak Atlantic Division. Last season, both teams was considered to be the one of the two best teams in the Eastern Conference and there was talk that this year they would face off in the Eastern Conference Finals. Now it’s still early in the season and there is plenty of basketball left to be played, but many Nets and Knicks fans are already pushing the panic button this season. For the Knicks, there is a big question that needs to be addressed which is: What would Carmelo Anthony do? Will he leave New York and bolt to Los Angeles? And for the Nets, the question for them is: Will coach Jason Kidd last through the season?

David Wright and Robinson Cano.

This past baseball season hasn’t been kind for us either. Both the Yankees and Mets fail to make the playoffs. The Yankees finished with an 85-77 record and finished 12 games back in the American League East. It was their worst record since 2008, when the club went 89-73 and also missed the playoffs. For the Mets, they finished 74-88 and finished third in the National League East. Obviously they are in rebuilding mode, but they have the core pieces in place for a future World Series run. As for the Yankees, they already started spending this offseason. They already made a splash by signing former Atlanta Brave great Brian McCann to a five year deal. As for the Mets, they look for bargain deals and under the radar trades to fill their needs. Mets fans have been used to disappointments but this year might be the year they return to the playoffs.

Giants and Jets. One team with Super Bowl Aspirations. The other a high draft pick at next year’s NFL Draft.

Football season has been an up and down roller coaster ride for both Giants and Jets fans. Giants fans had to endure a 0-6 start and some just gave up on their season. The Giants eventually won four in a row before losing to their hated rivals the Dallas Cowboys last night. Currently, they are 4-7 and are still in the NFC East race ( The Football Gods must still love them.) As for the New York Jets, it’s been a roller coaster ride this season. Literally. With a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith, the Jets had alternating wins and losses for most of the year. While they shocked many NFL analysts, the Jets are still one game under .500. Currently they are in the race for the six and final AFC wild card sports. Most fans wanted Rex Ryan fired before the season, but he has done a decent job of weathering this storm and getting the Jets into the playoff conversation. Let’s not forget about the Buffalo Bills ( a team that New Yorkers forget most of the time), they are not doing so well playing upstate.

As for all you hockey fans, the Rangers, Islanders and Devils have a combined record of 29-33.

All of these teams have the potential to make a comeback in their respective leagues. All I’m saying is that New Yorkers are impatient bunch and we freak out when our beloved teams are not doing so well. We curse, fight, yell at the TV screens and drink our lives away at some shady bar. We have such a special bond with our beloved sports teams that we can’t stand them to see them lose on a regular basis. So far, 2013 hasn’t been the year New Yorkers envisioned but who knows 2014 could be different.

Let’s keep the hope alive guys, but for now they stink!


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