MLB: Top Five Winter Meeting Trades that may go down

The MLB Winter Meetings is scheduled for next week and General Managers are gearing up for it. Most teams will be either a buyers or sellers. With that in mind, here are the top five trades that might go down at the winter meetings:


5. Matt Kemp to the Red Sox- Could be a realistic trade. The Red Sox appear to be moving on from Jacoby Ellsbury and asked for the availability of Kemp. With a surplus of outfielders thanks to the presence of Yasiel Puig, Andre Either, Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp, the Dodgers need to make a trade. If Kemp is healthy, he can easily be a 40/40 contender and bring the Red Sox lineup to another level. The only question is: Can the Sox handle his salary? He is owed $128 million over six years.


4. Troy Tulowitzki to the Cardinals- St. Louis have been aggressively looking for a shortstop and they may have found one in Tulowitzki. Like Kemp, Tulowitzki can post up monster numbers when healthy. The Cardinals might have to trade one of their young starting pitchers in Michael Wacha and Shelby Miller. The only problem with this trade is who will pay the $134 million dollar contract that Tulo is owed?


3. Chase Headley to the Yankees- The Yankees eyed Headley for quite a while. With Alex Rodriguez still on the fence with his 211 game suspension, this would be a wise move for the Yankees to make. Headley’s ability at third base and his versatility make him an ideal fit in New York in the event that the suspension holds up. Best-case scenario is that the Yankees will only need someone to start at third in half of their games in 2014. If that actually happens, Headley can potentially contribute as an outfielder.


2. Dexter Fowler to the Mets- The Rockies made it known that they want to trade Fowler to fill in other needs. One team that may go after him is the Mets. Fowler is scheduled to make $7.5 million in his final year of his deal and the Mets can certainly afford it. Fowler would provide the Mets with a good solution in center field, and his skill set would be a welcomed addition to the Mets lineup.


1. David Price to the Rangers- The Rangers love their pitchers and getting David Price would surely bolster that pitching staff. The Rays are trying to trade Price but will the Rangers give up some of their best prospects?


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