Say Goodbye to Melo!

The Face Tells it all
The face of frustration and losing

Knicks fans, say goodbye to Carmelo Anthony.

In the midst of a 3-13 start and losing nine in a row, why should Carmelo stay? The Knicks are just awful. They have no interior defense, no offensive flow and everyone seems to be worrying about their personal stats instead of playing like a team. If the Knicks were playing in the Western Conference, then their season is done. They are playing in the pathetic Eastern Conference, where only two teams have a winning record(Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers) Somehow, they are still in the race of a division crown. As of today, the Knicks are only three games back from the first place Boston Celtics in the Atlantic Division.

If the Knicks are going to get out of this funk, then they will need a healthy Chandler and the old Stoudemire to help Carmelo out
If the Knicks are going to get out of this funk, then they will need a healthy Chandler and the Stoudemire of old to help Carmelo out

You can see in Melo’s body language. The shrugs, the moans, the complaining to the referees shows it all. He’s very frustrated with the team and he’s already of dreaming of leaving New York for Los Angeles. It seems like he’s trying to do everything by himself. He leads the Knicks in points per game and rebounds per game which is absurd for a star player to do. Now granted, Melo does not have any help but he cannot do this by himself. The Knicks front office have failed to get him help this past off season and it will result in him bolting.

Melo does not know what to do, which is a concern to Knicks fans. One day he tells the media that he wants to retire as a Knick and the next he wants to be a free agent. He’s a flip flopper. With this losing streak, he’s probably leaning more towards leaving the Knicks. Melo can be a diva at times with his statements. Earlier in the season, he stated that he is “not having fun” and “the Knicks are the laughingstock of the NBA.” That is something that you do not want to hear if you are a Knicks fan. With all this talk, it is a huge distraction to the team.

Frustration and defeated, Melo has to be thinking of leaving New York. When he was traded here three years ago, he did not envision this to happen. If the Knicks want to salvage their season, then James Dolan and company must figure out a way to fix this mess.

If not, say goodbye to Carmelo as the Knicks enter an uncertain future.

Your move, Mr. Dolan.


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