Top Five Most Pathetic Teams in 2013

Some sports teams have brought joy to our lives. Some sports teams brought us pain and misery into our lives. Teams such as the Jaguars, Astros and the Bucks had to endure another forgettable season. With 2013 all but over, here are the most pathetic teams in 2013 in all of sports:

Incognito and Martin
Incognito and Martin

5. Miami Dolphins- Yes, I know the Dolphins are one of the teams battling it out for the final AFC Wild Card spot and have a record on 7-7. The reason they are on this list is because of the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin bullying fiasco. The Dolphins front office has done a horrible job in handling that situation.This is the NFL folks. No man should be bullied in the NFL. There are lucky that they are in playoff contention.

The Houston Astros season in a nutshell.
The Houston Astros season in a nutshell.

4. Houston Astros- After finishing the season with 15 losses in a row, the Astros complete their worst season in club history, but with the third consecutive No. 1 pick in the draft, things have to be looking up soon, right?

Houston Texans fans show their disappointment
Houston Texans fan show his disappointment

3. Houston Texans- Another Houston team on this list. Along with the Astros, they are in pathetic mode. Hard to believe that the Texans were once considered Super Bowl contenders, but everything just fell apart. They replaced Matt Schaub and fired Gary Kubiak. Most Texans fans are just fed up with them and are ready to embrace Teddy Bridgewater.

I know how you feel Mike Woodson. I feel your pain.
I know how you feel Mike Woodson. I feel your pain.

2. New York Knicks- The Knicks are just a mess. They cannot play defense, their offense is just stagnant and the coach is just one blowout loss away from being fired on the spot. This team is a walking atrocity. Also you know this season is a total bust when Amar’e is doing this on the court.  One cannot help but wonder, are they the team that is tanking this season?

Every Jaguar fans dream.
Every Jaguar fans dream.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars- When you have the crowd chanting and petitioning for Tim Tebow, you know you are having a bad season. Although they have played better recently, Jaguar fans are already looking forward to the NFL Draft. There was even talk of the Alabama Crimson Tide beating the Jaguars in a game. If only they could catch a break.



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