Top Ten Worst Commentators and Analysts in Sports

We all made this face once in a awhile

We all had to deal with it at one point in our lives. We have to deal with horrible commentators and analysts while we are watching a sporting event. Mostly all of us would rather watch the game or talk show on mute than to hear these guys. With that in mind, here are the Top Ten Worst Commentators and Analysts in sports: 

Same look we all have when we listen to you

10. Stephen A. Smith- Stephen A. Smith is a native New Yorker. You can easily tell by his booming voice on ESPN First Take. Every so often, he tries to become the story rather than to report or analyze a segment. You know what’s blasphemous? The way Stephen A. Smith uses the English language sometimes it’s incredible. He is not not that bad of a analyst but if he can speak in his inside voice, he would be not on this list. 

Recently Retired

9. Tim McCarver- Though he is recently retired, McCaver has been boring baseball fans with his commentary since 1978. With rants such as “What the manager is telling the pitcher on the mound right now…” and, “What player X is thinking right now is…” it is hard for fans to understand what he is saying. He will always be remembered for this incident with Deion Sanders in the 1992 World Series. Farewell, Mr. McCarver, you are a real man. 


Rodney Harrison

8. Rodney Harrison- There is a bully on NBC Football Night in America and his name is Rodney Harrison. Everytime he is on the air, it seems to be bullying poor Tony Dungy and Dan Patrick with his witty remarks and crazy stares. Although he brings a lot of football knowledge to the show, Harrison looks very uncomfortable at times and often Dungy puts out a more coherent analysis than him. 

Maybe he can call a Rangers game?

7. Michael Kay- The voice of the New York Yankees since 2002, Kay has used the same materials to Yankee fans for years. The “See Ya” catchphrase has run it’s course and sometimes he has said some really, really dumb remarks. Most Yankee fans would rather hear Ken Singleton who is pretty good on calling games than Kay. 

Jeff Van Gundy

6. Jeff Van Gundy- The former Knicks and Rockets coach is still trying to find his niche in his announcing career. He talks about the most random stuff in a NBA game including saying “It takes three minutes to cut my hair, and I still have to pay the full price.” Really Jeff? Focus on the game. Also do not sit down during a live shot

Gus Johnson and a Soccer game don’t mix

5. Gus Johnson- The only reason he is on this list is because of his work calling soccer games. American soccer fans have had decades to warm to the somnolent rhythms and distracted goal calls of the likes of Martin Tyler. It has not happened. Yet. Stick to College Football Gus. 

In midseason form

4. Colin Cowherd- I will let this video explain why he is so bad. Who cares about “That Guy.” 

Chris Collinsworth

3. Chris Collinsworth– Replacing John Madden can be tough but Collinsworth is not doing a good job of it. While he certainly knows the game, the former Cincinnati Bengals star simply lacks Madden’s joy and charisma while broadcasting and it shows each and every game. No its not working. At all.

It is not that serious Skip!

2. Skip Bayless- The most ridiculous analyst in all of ESPN. Where to begin with him? From his obsession with Tim Tebow to his obsession with the Dallas Cowboys, he has driven all who challenged him crazy. At least Richard Sherman shut him up in one segment. Thank you Richard. 

Heave the Hawk!

1. Hawk Harrelson- The Chicago White Sox Cheerleader–I mean play by play man. Seriously, you can easily tell he is a White Sox fan. If you don’t believe me watch this video of him calling a White Sox game in 2011. Heave the Hawk!



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