New Year Predictions for Sports


2014 has finally arrived. It is a chance to start fresh and forget all the things that have went wrong last year. For certain sports teams and athletes, this year cannot come soon enough. With that in mind, here are some sports predictions in the upcoming year:

January- Florida State beats the Auburn Tigers in a classic shootout. Florida State QB Jameis Winston capped off his freshman year with MVP honors. In baseball,  Masahiro Tanaka finally ends the suspense and signs with the New York Yankees. As for Alex Rodriguez, he rides off into the sunset after his 211 game suspension was upheld. See the judicial system works!

February- In the Super Bowl, The Carolina Panthers beat the mighty Denver Broncos on a 65 degree sunny day in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Many fans will be very “disappointed” at the lack of snow. Mother Nature fools us once again. Also there was no blackouts delaying the game. Meanwhile in the NBA, the Knicks continue their losing ways and trades Carmelo Anthony and Mike Woodson to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers. Also there will be no Knicks on the All Star team. 

March- Spring Training starts and already Mariners Second Baseman Robinson Cano demands a trade. He says that the lineup “does not suit him.” He also fires Jay-Z. His reason: Why did you send me to Seattle?, I will never win here! In the NBA, the Knicks and Nets are officially eliminated from playoff contention. So much for the hype. 

April- NFL Draft begins. Texans take Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater as the first overall pick. The Browns get Johnny Manziel and “saves the team.” Meanwhile, the Houston Astros are already eliminated from the playoffs after losing on opening day. Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury is out for the year after injuring himself on the on-deck circle. 

May- The Yankees are in first place in their division, while the Red Sox are still celebrating last year’s World Series win by being in last place in the East. Meanwhile the Mets are surging in the NL East. In the NBA, ESPN is already crowning the Miami Heat as NBA champions before the playoffs begins. Also the debate still rages on about who flops better: Lebron James or Cristiano Ronaldo? 

June- The Miami Heat are shockingly eliminated in the second round by the up and coming Indiana Pacers. Pacers win the Eastern Conference and goes on to face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. The Spurs win the championship in seven games and no one will care. The joys of being a small market team. I guess you got to win 10 titles in a row just to get respect. 

July- The MLB All Star game is at Target Field in Minnesota. Fun time for all rabid baseball fans except for Twins fans, who are bottom dwellers in the AL Central. In the NBA, Lebron James and ESPN televise “The Decision: Part Two”. In the event, Lebron informs his fans that he will sign back with the Miami Heat, leaving Knicks, Nets and Cavaliers fans screwed over. Again. 

August- NFL Preseason begins. Tony Romo is already in midseason form by throwing game clinching interceptions in each of the four games. ESPN will later begin a campaign on why Romo should be considered to be a Hall of Famer. 

September- Baseball Playoff races are heating up as the Yankees and Orioles are battling it out for the AL East, The Tigers and Indians are fighting for the AL Central, The Athletics are running away with the Division. As for the National League, the Mets shock the baseball world by leading the NL East while Cubs fans are singing that familiar tune of “Wait Until Next Year.” It’s been over 100 years. 

October- It is the Yankees vs Athletics in the ALCS as Carlos Beltran turns into a beast with his red hot hitting in the playoffs. In the NLCS, it is the Pirates vs Dodgers. Yankees face the Pirates in the World Series. Yankees win the title while Red Sox fans wonder what went wrong this season. 

November- Peyton Manning is on pace to throw 70 touchdowns while Eli Manning is on pace to throw 50 interceptions. Despite all that, both of them are leading their respective divisions. The Jets are doing really good as Geno Smith is playing like the anti-Mark Sanchez as he throws more touchdowns than interceptions. Rex Ryan leads the team in the playoffs doesn’t get fired after the season, much to General Manager John Idzik dismay. 

December- Tony Romo and the Cowboys are playing for the NFC East Title in the final weekend of the season. Cowboys fans already know how this horrific story ends. After the game, Jerry Jones announced that they signed Romo to a 10 year $125 million dollar extension. His reason: “We love the way he throws interceptions in crucial moments.” In the NBA, the Spurs are undefeated but all the attention is going to the Miami Heat and Lebron James. Also the Chicago Bulls have announced that star player Derrick Rose is out until 2034. 

Happy New Year! 



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