Kansas City Royals: Ticket Preview for when the Boston Red Sox come to KC

We are getting closer to baseball’s opening day. Kansas City Royals fans are already gearing up for the season in which high expectations are in affect.

One of the series that Royals fans have circled on their calendar is the Royals vs the defending World Series champions the Boston Red Sox. They will be in Kansas City for a four game set starting on September 11th. Many Royal fans will be glued to their seats in a possible pivotal series. Now usually when the champions are in town for any sport, ticket prices are sure to be very expensive. This Kansas City Game is no exception. The average ticket price for the first game of the Red Sox series will be $112.43 dollars. As for the second game of the four game set, it will be much more expensive. The average ticket price for that game is $122.74, which is $10 dollars more than the first game.

For the third game of the series, the average ticket price is $124.63, which is $2 dollars more than the second game. As for the final game of  the series, fans wallets can breathe a little bit easy. The average ticket price for the finale will be $111.41, which is $11 dollars less than game three of the series.

Red Sox tickets are usually expensive and a hot item to get whenever they are in town. Those are the perks when you are the reigning World Series champions. Kaufman Stadium should be rocking in September when they come to town.


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