Philadelphia Phillies Tickets: A Preview


Ah Spring Training. There is nothing like it in sports. 

The Phillies are looking to put their sub-par 2013 campaign behind and look towards this season. They finished 4th in the NL East with a record of 73-89.  Phillies fans are always excited for the season to start. Unlike recent years, ticket prices were very high and might not be expensive this season. 

April 7th is when the Phillies kick off their home portion of their schedule. They will face the Milwaukee Brewers. The average ticket price for this game is $135.72 while the most cheapest price that you would have to pay is $54. Not bad considering it is opening day and the home opener for the Phillies. The second game of this three game set is much more cheaper (and you get a free T-Shirt). The average est price for this game is $55.19 while the cheapest price you can find is going to cost you at least $15. A huge dropoff from the first game. The final game of this series is even more cheaper. The most cheapest prices that you would have to pay is only $10 while the average ticket price is $50.89.

Phillies fans are hoping that they can recapture the magic that they had in 2008. They are looking for another title and they better hope it’s soon. 


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