Knicks Hiring Derek Fisher: The Rings Don’t Lie

Derek Fisher. Five Time NBA Champion. Can he deliver a title to the city of New York?
Derek Fisher. Five Time NBA Champion. Can he deliver a title to the city of New York?

Derek Fisher is the next head coach of the New York Knicks. Most Knicks fans are estatic about the move while others are scratching their heads. But will this marriage work?

Derek Fisher was not a scrub when he played in the NBA. He has played for a number of Hall of Fame coaches such as Phil Jackson, Don Nelson and Jerry Sloan. He is a five time NBA champion (won five titles with Jackson during the Lakers title run) and will bring his championship pedigree to a Knicks team that has been on a title drought since 1973. He is a highly respected individual who will get the ear of his players unlike the his predecessor Mike Woodson and before him Mike D’Antoni. He also served as the President of the National Basketball Players Association which can help him deal with the politics that is happening at the front office.

The Zen Master
The Zen Master

Perhaps the biggest reason this marriage might work is Phil Jackson. Jackson wanted someone who was in his “circle.” Jackson wanted someone who can establish his famous Triangle Offense and possibly win a title for the Knicks. There are some people out there believing that Fisher is just there to fill the Head Coaching position and in reality Phil Jackson is running the head coaching show. I don’t believe that this is the case. Jackson will let him run his team his way. Jackson will make the perfect mentor for Fisher and the power of the Zen Master is strong.

Will he stay or will he go?
Will he stay or will he go?

Let’s get to the elephant in the room which is Carmelo Anthony. Will he stay or will he go? Signs indicate that he might stay due to the fact that he can get a $129 million dollar max contract from the Knicks. That is a lot of money for Anthony to leave on the table. Who knows what he will do.

We seen it this year with the Brooklyn Nets. They hired Jason Kidd as the head coach of their team. Despite them struggling in the beginning of the year, Kidd never lost his composure and lead his team to the playoffs. It is becoming a trend in the NBA as recently retired NBA players are accepting head coaching positions despite not having coaching experience before. Will the Knicks catch lighting in a bottle with this hiring?

Fisher will be a great fit with the Knicks. If Carmelo stays and they somehow get the right players who could be a great fit (perhaps Kevin Durant joining them in 2016) then the Knicks could be a force to be reckon with in the East.

The rings don’t lie baby. The rings don’t lie.


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