Americans should embrace Soccer more

During the World Cup, I notice something. I notice that Americans will never will fully embrace the game of soccer (it is known as Futbol outside of the United States.)

Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines tell the story. When is the World Cup over? This game is so boring. Who is playing? Why my country is not playing? Why is it a tie? Same old cliches.

For those who “liked” the sport only liked it because they wanted to see the United States win the World Cup. When they was kicked out in the round of 16, those fans started not to care. Most of them didn’t even watch the World Cup Final. That my friends is called bandwagoning.

Maybe the reason we don’t like the sport is because it is considered to be a “Soccer Mom” sport. Americans like violent sports like American Football (which should change its name since the foot part is rarely used.) We don’t like to see ties or the final score is 0-0. Most Americans don’t get is how hard it really is to score a goal. It is not easy running for 90 or more minutes consecutively. There are no timeouts. You are just running until the game is over or go into penalty kicks. Actually soccer is the most difficult sport to play in the world.

This past World Cup has been one of the best in quite awhile and Americans should embrace it.


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