New York Yankees: Playoff Bound?


The New York Yankees have been a enigma this season.

No one can figure them out. Yes, the injuries have been piling up especially with the pitching staff. The offense have at times been erratic at best and the bullpen have been mediocre at best. Currently, they are six games behind Baltimore (73-55) in the AL East and they are 3.5 games back of the Seattle Mariners and 2.5 games back of the Detroit Tigers in the Wild Card chase. According to Postseason Probability Chart, the Orioles have a 96% chance of winning the AL East. As for the Yankees, they have only a 5% chance of winning the division. There is hope. The Yankees have a 7% chance of winning the second wild card; Seattle chances of winning the second wild card is 53% and Detroit is 52%. The odds are stacked against the Yankees to make the postseason.

There is good news for the Yankees. The remaining schedule for the Yankees is very soft. They have 34 games left, 27 of them within their division. If the Yankees can steal games from bad teams like the Red Sox and Rays, there is a chance that their playoff chances will improve. The Detroit Tigers have the most toughest schedule out of all three teams. The Tigers will be playing above .500 teams for the month of September. However, they finish the season facing two sub-.500 teams. As for the Mariners, they face the Athletics and Angels for most of the month. They end the season against two horrible teams in the Rangers and Astros.

Is it impossible for the Yankees to make the playoffs? Of course not. Remember in 2011, when the Tampa Bay Rays and St Louis Cardinals started September with a bigger deficit. They both won the Wild Card and eventually the St Louis Cardinals won the World Series. The Yankees have recent history behind them but can they make it?

The Yankees bats must wake up in order for them to make the playoffs. Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Mark Teixeira must wake up. If they don’t, then Derek Jeter’s final season will end in disappointment.


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