Is Yasiel Puig is Overrated?

Yasiel Puig. Overrated?
Yasiel Puig. Overrated?

Before Dodgers fans get on me for asking this question, hear me out.

Yasiel Puig has all the talent in the world. He can easily hit 30 Home Runs and 100 RBI’s in any given year. Remember last season when he was first called up after the All-Star Break? In 104 games, he hit .319 with 19 Home Runs and 42 RBI’s in 104 games. This season his numbers dipped. In 130 games, he is hitting .293 with 13 Home Runs and 60 RBI’s. Just about two weeks ago, Puig was hitting .312, but he has been incredibly cold as of late. Since August 20th, his average has dropped from .312 to .293. It has gotten so bad that manager Don Mattingly has dropped him in the lineup from 3rd to 6th.

Ditch the bat flip Yasiel.
Ditch the bat flip Yasiel.

Puig is very good centerfielder. He makes the highlight reel every night and brings much needed energy in center. He could possibly win a gold glove this season. Currently the Dodgers have five outfielders on their roster. Putting Puig out of the lineup would hurt them tremendously since his defensive play can determine the outcome of a game.

Is he overrated? It is too early to tell. There are times that he is red hot and hit .400 in a month while there are other times where he can be his worst enemy. Just ask Madison Bumgardner and Albert Pujols.

In a way he reminds me of Bryce Harper. Great talent but needs to mature more. Puig should ditch the bat flip when he hits a routine fly ball to right or gets a hit. Since the Dodgers are gunning towards the number one seed in the National League, will Puig get his grove back and step it up for the team or will he fold like Alex Rodriguez in the playoffs?

Time will tell.


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