Will The Washington Redskins Be Better With Kirk Cousins?

Will RGII be missed? Or Will Cousins take the job?
Will RGII be missed? Or Will Cousins take the job?

Here is a familiar sight: Robert Griffin III is injured.

Yes, that same Robert Griffin III who two years ago led Washington to a division title and a playoff berth. He nearly lead them to an upset over the Seattle Seahawks in the division round but as fate would have it he suffered a ACL injury. Ever since that night, he hasn’t been the same.

Flash forward to yesterday when Griffin injured his ankle early in the game. In comes Kirk Cousins. He had a fantastic game going 22-for-33 for 250 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Now here is the million dollar question: If Griffin is out for an extended period of time, can Cousins save Washington’s season?

Cousins will be a decent substitute for Griffin. He will put up decent numbers in the next two games against two divisional opponents in the Eagles and Giants. After those two games, it gets a little bit harder. Cousins will face the vaunted Seattle Seahawks defense (who are angry after allowing 30 points to the San Diego Chargers.) Then the following week, they will face the Arizona Cardinals defense which is no easy walk in the park.

In a weak division, it is possible that the Redskins could win it without the services of RGIII. Cousins can throw the ball and has weapons around him. Anything could happen in the NFL.


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