MLB Playoffs Predictions: And The Champion Is…..

Who Will Win The World Series?
Who Will Win The World Series?

It is that time again. The best time of the year where the MLB playoffs are here. Ten teams have earned the right to play deep into October and capture baseball’s Holy Grail: The World Series trophy. Who will win the World Series? The upstart Kansas City Royals? The best team in baseball Los Angeles Angels? The Washington Nationals? Or could it be the Pittsburgh Pirates? Here are my predictions for the MLB Postseason:

Wild Card Round

National League Wild Card Game-Pittsburgh Pirates over the San Francisco Giants.

American League Wild Card Game-Kansas City Royals over the Oakland Athletics.

American League Divison Series

American League Divison Series-Baltimore Orioles over the Detroit Tigers -.

American League Divison Series-Kansas City Royals over the Los Angeles Angels -.

National League Divison Series

National League Divison Series-Pittsburgh Pirates over the Washington Nationals -.

National League Divison Series-St.Louis Cardinals over the Los Angeles Dodgers -.

American League Championship Series-Baltimore Orioles over the Kansas City Royals -.

National League Championship Series-Pittsburgh Pirates over the St. Louis Cardinals -3.

Your 2014 World Series Champions!
Your 2014 World Series Champions!

World Series: Baltimore Orioles over the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2.


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