Top Five MLB AL MVP Candidates


With the Giants winning the World Series, it officially ends the 2014 MLB season. With the new season so far away, there is nothing left to do and wait for the winner of the MVP award. With so many players in the American League much deserving to be the MVP, there can only be one. Here are the top Five American League MVP candidates:

5. Josh Donaldson, Oakland A’s-This guy was one of the top three MVP candidates in the American League until the A’s started to nosedive in the standings. Donaldson, who hit .255 with 29 Home Runs and 98 RBI’s, may get votes of MVP, but with the A’s collapsing, it is hard to imagine him winning the MVP.

4. Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles- This is a controversial pick because Cruz has been suspended for using HGH but Cruz had a great year. He batted .271 with 40 Home Runs and 108 RBI’s and leading Baltimore to the ALCS. He will get votes but like I said it’s going to be controversial.

3. Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals- The Kansas City Royals shocked the baseball world by winning the AL Pennant and taking the San Francisco Giants to seven games. Alex Gordon had a huge impact during their title run. Gordon, who hit .266 with 19 Home Runs and 74 RBI’s should get a considerate amount of MVP votes.

2. Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners- Who knew that Cano would be on this list. No one expected him to lead the Seattle Mariners to a near playoff berth. Cano, who hit 14 Home Runs and 74 RBI’s should finished second in the MVP race.

1. Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim- The favorite to win the AL MVP. Trout batted .287 with 36 Home Runs and 116 RBI’s will get the majority of the votes.


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