Top Three MLB NL MVP Candidates


With the Giants winning the World Series, it officially ends the 2014 MLB season. With the new season so far away, there is nothing left to do and wait for the winner of the MVP award. With so many players in the National League much deserving to be the MVP, there can only be one. Here are the top three National League MVP candidates:

3. Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates- The MVP of last year, McCutchen had a great year batting .314 with 25 Home Runs and 83 RBI’s. He may finish second or third in the MVP Voting but don’t be surprised if he wins the MVP again this year.

2. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins- Giancarlo Stanton had a monster season hitting .288 with 27 Home Runs and 105 RBI’s. Even though his season was cut short due to being hit in the face by a pitch, he is expected to be the favorite to win the MVP.

1.Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers- The other candidate who will challenge Stanton in the MVP race.He also is among the finalists for the NL Most Valuable Player and the Cy Young Award, and is in position to become the first NL player to sweep both honors since Bob Gibson in 1968.


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