The Curious Case Of Giancarlo Stanton And His $325 Million Dollar Contract

The $325 Million Dollar Man!
The $325 Million Dollar Man!

Miami basically gave star outfielder Giancarlo Stanton the keys to their kingdom.

The Marlins superstar signed a 13 year $325 million dollar contract extension yesterday. This is the first time that a $300 million dollar contract has ever been handed out. Some say it was a ridiculous move by the Marlins while others say this is a genius move.

I mean whats there to say. Stanton is coming off a monster season, hitting .288 with 37 Home Runs and 107 Rbi’s. He finished second in the National League MVP race, behind Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers. His salary for the 2013 season: $537,000. Now he is the $325 million dollar man. The Marlins are going to put all of their eggs in one basket with Stanton.

The track record of giving 10 year contracts has not been good. The last player to get a 10 year contract was Albert Puljos. Puljos went on to have a disappointing three years in Anaheim and still has seven years left on his deal.

Stanton is only 25 years old. He still got at least ten good years left in him. I’m just saying, the Marlins are in win-now mode. Will they help Stanton by getting more players from the draft or via free agency? Remember the last time when the Marlins had money? They signed Jose Reyes, Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle hoping that they win the World Series with them. All three of them was gone within the next year.

Can Giancarlo Stanton help deliver the Miami Marlins their third World Series title in the future? It can happen but for now, Stanton has lofty expectations.


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