2016 MLB Hall Of Fame Ballot: If I Had A Vote…


Tomorrow marks a big day in Major League Baseball as the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot is announced.

Many first time players are on the ballot such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Jim Edmonds while other players such as Edgar Martinez and Alan Trammel are entering their 7th and 15th year respectively. If I had a vote, here are the players that I would vote for into the Hall of Fame:



Ken Griffey Jr: He could be the first unanimous Hall of Fame selection in history. Known for his sweet swing, Griffey hit 630 home runs  and was the only player not to use any kind of performance enhancing drugs. In any case, Junior’s overall accomplishments make him a slam dunk.


Edgar Martinez: The greatest designated hitter in the history of baseball is entering his 7th year of eligibility. He has been sensational in 34 postseason games posting an 147 OPS+, plus .873 OPS. If the voters are not impressed by this, then I don’t know what they want more out of Martinez.


Barry Bonds: Yes, we all know that Bonds has at some point used PED in his career but I will not knock on him for making the decision that he did. He is the home run king and is one of the most feared hitters of this generation. Over the years, people have forgotten about the steroid era which makes it a perfect opportunity for Bonds to sneak in.


Jeff Bagwell: The most underrated player in the 1990’s, Bagwell batted .297/.408/.540 with 449 home runs; 488 doubles; 2,314 hits; 1,529 RBI; 1,517 runs; 1,401 walks, and 202 stolen bases. He is overdue for induction.


Mike Piazza: The best-hitting catcher ever was six votes short of making it to the Hall of Fame last year. Expect him to get in tomorrow.



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