WWE: The Wyatts Are Coming!

Photo Credit: WWE

Has anyone seen the ending of the last episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw? Something big went unnoticed.

During the Roman Reigns “One vs. All” match, Mr. McMahon ordered all of the WWE superstars who were at ringside to attack Reigns. All of them complied except for the Wyatts. They simply disappeared.

Remembered when Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt wanted to bring the “machine” down in NXT? Could they be referring to Triple H/Vince McMahon and The Authority? I mean they are the main heels right now and could feud with them in the coming weeks.

Then there is the other way. Bray could win the Royal Rumble and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, which fans are clamoring for. 

The Wyatt Family would make WWE watchable again since he is the best mic speaker in the game today. Fans are hanging on his every word as the fireflies aka cell phone lights.

The WWE is in desperate need of fresh ideas and pushing young talent over. With the injury bug hitting the company like the plague lately, the Wyatt family could benefit from this greatly since last year was such a lackluster year for them (only feud that was actually good was with the Undertaker and Kane at the Survivor Series.)

Follow the buzzards. The Wyatts are coming to take what is theirs. 2016 is their year.


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