After Epic Collapse, Kevin Durant Determined To Leave OKC

Photo Credit: Roto Writers

It was the perfect scenario: The Oklahoma City Thunder was up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals against the defending NBA Champions Golden State Warriors.

After a huge win in Game Five of the series, the Thunder was riding high. There wasn’t any talk of free agent to be Kevin Durant leaving the Thunder during the offseason.

Then yesterday happened. The Thunder are the first team since the 1981 Philadelphia 76ers to blow a 3-1 series lead in a Conference Finals. Many are left wondering if the Thunder can recover from this historic collapse.

The Thunder were down by seven with under a minute remaining during Game 7. For some inexplicable reason, Durant launched a three with 20 seconds left in the shot clock. When the rebound was made, Thunder players simply turned into statues and let NBA MVP Steph Curry shoot a wide open 3-pointer, killing little hope that the Thunder had to reach the NBA Finals.

In that bizarre moment, Durant already made his decision to leave OKC. He recently was on the record saying that he havn’t thought about his upcoming free agency.

It would be hard for Durant to come back to the Thunder after this historic collapse. There was a time that Durant was the man in Oklahoma City before Russell Westbrook came in and started to take all the shots.

Could Durant leave because of Russell Westbrook? It could be a possibility.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Washington Wizards
Could Durant join Wall? (Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

There are a lot of destinations the former Texas Longhorn can go. Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas to name a few.

In the event that he leaves Oklahoma City, he could go to the Washington Wizards. Durant was born and raised in Washington DC and will reunite with former Thunder head coach Scott Brooks. He and point guard John Wall could make an impressive tandem.

It would be interesting to see what Durant does this offseason but I believe that he already made up his mind.


1 thought on “After Epic Collapse, Kevin Durant Determined To Leave OKC

  1. I didn’t realize no one had blown a 3-1 lead since 1981. Wow. Good write-up. I’m looking forward to following this blog…

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