Muhammad Ali: A Master of Life

Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. One Last Time In Heaven (Photo Credit:

Very few people leave their mark on this planet. One of the few was Muhammad Ali.

His legendary fights with Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston, George Foreman will forever live on in boxing lore. He was the one of the few that talked the talk and walked the walk.

The greatest of all time was just that. Not just great in the ring, but he was the master of life.

Behind the loud mouth bravado and epic quotes was a man who helped inspired millions around the world.

While others were arguing about the Vietnam War, Ali took it a step forward and refused to be apart of the unpopular war. The country failed Ali but Ali never failed the country.

Ali was more than a boxer. He was an inspiration to everyone in the world.

Now he joins Joe Frazier and I’m sure that they are renewing their epic rivalry in heaven.

Rest in Peace champ.



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