Super Bowl LI: Falcons Vs The World

Ryan vs Brady. Photo Credit: Forbes

The Super Bowl matchup is set. It’s the mighty New England Patriots vs……Who?

The Atlanta Falcons. Yes, the same Atlanta Falcons that steamrolled two potential Super Bowl contenders in the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. They made two former Super Bowl MVP’s (Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers) look like novices.

They have the number one scoring offense in league and their young defense is silently evolving into a championship caliber unit.

Who are they really?

No disrespect to Atlanta but this city is not known for winning titles. Atlanta has five current professional sports team in its beautiful city ( Braves, Hawks, Dream, Falcons and United FC.)

The Braves were a juggernaut in the 1990s, appearing in the World Series three times. In 1995, they finally reached the mountain top defeating the Cleveland Indians in six games. It remains the only championship that Atlanta has ever won.

The Hawks? They recently got good. They made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2015 but were swept by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They made the playoffs the following year but were bounced out of the semifinals by who else the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are currently the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference with a record of 26-19 entering today.

Both the Dream and United FC are recently new franchises and there isn’t a lot of history there.

Anyway back to the Falcons. As an avid Jets fan, it pains me to say that they are up against Tom Brady who is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks of all time. This could go bad or really bad for the Falcons especially his supposed beef with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Brady is salivating at the chance of Goodell handing him the Super Bowl trophy if they win.

I will root for the Falcons in the Super Bowl.  Who are the Falcons is a question that has yet to be answered but we will find out the answer on February 5th.

Lets hope the Falcons can channel their inner New York Giants and Matt Ryan can channel their inner Eli Manning. In this crazy world, the Patriots do not need to win another title.


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