Do The Yankees Need Manny Machado?

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While the Orioles are busy tanking their season, there’s one question that needs to be addressed: Where will superstar Manny Machado land during the trade deadline?

Some say he will get traded to the Chicago Cubs. Some say the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What about the New York Yankees? The Yankees have been linked to talks about Machado going to the Yankees. When they traded away Chase Headley in the offseason, there was a glaring hole in the lineup. The Yankees were in need of a third baseman. That’s where the Machado talks began.

Like in Spaceballs, we’re in now, now. It’s a place where things look different.

Miguel Andujar came into the picture and basically took the spot. The 23-year-old third baseman is second on the club in hits and leads the team in doubles. On a team with hitters like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius, that Andujar is producing at their level before even playing 50 MLB games is beyond impressive. Andujar also has plus contact skills – he doesn’t strike out nearly as often as a rookie with his power usually does – and there is reason to believe that his batter’s eye will only continue to improve, as we examined earlier this week.

So where does this leave Machado? He is a once in a lifetime talent who will go into the Hall of Fame one day. With a lineup full of power hitters, the offense would improve dramatically with Machado, but I believe that other issues that need to be addressed like starting pitching and bullpen.

For now, the Yankees should skip on Machado and keep their current team intact. Unless a dramatic injury happens to Andujar, the Yankees should not pull the trigger on Machado.


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