2018 FIFA World Cup: Why A American-less World Cup Is A Great Thing

Photo Credit: Latism.org

Let’s face it: The United States of America not being in this year’s World Cup is a great thing. It’s not the reasons why you may think.

In soccer, America actually had slow upstart, and rooting for them meant rooting for the scrappy underdogs in the international big leagues. But this all changed when they failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and — subsequently — Donald Trump became president. Now, the idea of one unified American team and its supporters seems completely obscured, considering all of the less-than-ideal press the country has gotten internationally.

If you live in America, Trump’s Twitter will be blowing up with conspiracies and falsified statements during the tournament. Actually given the recent allegations of Russian collusion regarding the 2016 presidential election, Trump is probably glad that the Americans are not participating and probably doesn’t want that kind of attention.

A World Cup without the United States gives other nations a chance to shine. Underdogs like Japan, Nigeria and even Iceland (the smallest country in terms of population in the tournament) are getting the attention they deserve.

So far, the World Cup has been very entertaining and anybody could win.

For now, America is sitting on the sidelines. Maybe try again in 2022. If our relations with other countries improve.





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